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Twon-By-Jane Nigeria Twon-By-Jane Nigeria

With a clear understanding that ‘a person’s look is made up essentially by his or her clothing and clothing helps to enhance one’s personality, it’s for that singular reason Twonlabel was launched, taking extra care to creating clothesthat it wearer will feel comfortable in and most importantly, gives that added edge that is needed to get the respect and admiration of everyone he or she come across.In April of 2014,“Twon-by-Jane introduces her label with the collections themed “2B, Beauty and Brain”.The collection pays homage to the 21st century woman in African. We applaud her for boldness to go against the odds of the society she lives in by using her beauty and brains. The collection is emboldened in luxecolour and tone down to reveal the true gift of the woman, “her natural beauty”.

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