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Twon-By-Jane Nigeria Twon-By-Jane Nigeria

“Twon-by-Jane” is a Nigeria indigenous fashion label. Established in 2014 by Ms. Jane Gam-Dede. The inspiration behind the label was birthed by the story of the fashion brand “ZARA”, which started out in a small town in Spain called Galicia on the Atlantic Coast of Northern Spain. The small town was only famous for being a place people try to leave, for much of the twentieth Century. It is in the Light of Amancio Ortega’s story that Jane Gam-Dede found the confidence to kick-start her fashion label. The name Twon is adopted from her hometown, called Twon-Brass in Bayelsa State South-South, Nigeria. The name reflects the natural beauty of her community, the natural gift of God freely given to mankind through nature. Twon-by-Jane pride itself in her craftsmanship, well thought out designs that is a combination of “Sophisticated, Elegant, and yet affordable, the label is set to position itself into a household name and global retail brand that meets the need of the twenty-first century man or woman’s basic fashion need.


To be a fashion brand that is not about selling clothes or fashion accessories but also to inspire the mind of our buyers, to benefit from the power of dressing well and right. We are not just a fashion label but a movement of hope and possibilities.