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For you to be taken seriously you must have the right image to help create credibility in the World. You may not believe it but first impression does count, especially for professional. A professional who don’t take the time to maintain a professional appearance presents the image of not being able to perform adequately on his or her job. Professional dress code standards are alive and well in major corporations or business establishment. Anyone who aspires to get to the top must dress up right, appearance really does count.

My work pick for the stylish as well as professional man
If you want to upgrade your current wardrobe countless options exist, start by thinking about what your current clothing says about you. It is really all about what you are trying to convey to others through your own sense of style. If you work attire is normally a suit, what colour are they, never underestimate the essence of colour because it helps you create alterations and make it seem your wardrobe is full, when it’s not. So let’s look at my basics colour pick.

A Navy Blue suit –

This is an all time classic and will never let you down but how you wear it is down to a personal choice. Blue suit is a must. If you want to make it a bit flashier, go with a bright coloured or fancy lining.

A Black suit –

It is not designed for solemn occasions such as funerals but very base for formal purposes and will never let you down when you want to look corporate.

A charcoal grey tweed suit –

You cannot look wrong with grey, especially charcoal, even though it can make you look a bit washed out but stick to a good solid charcoal and you will look just perfect. It is important to note that the office look cannot be complete if it’s not matched with the right accessories such as shoes and bags and because the corporate look do not require too much, it is better blend with accessories that is classic yet simple.

There you have it, my pick for that professional and stylish man.

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