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How to amplify your style but stay Simple and stylish during the holiday season

What better way to get ready for the holiday season than getting your wardrobe “holiday style” ready. Many of us will be doing some travelling or holiday outings with family and friends, either ways no one wants to look out of place when you step out during the holiday season, so to help you stay in your style elements I thought to offer a free styling tips to all my cool brothers, twondudes and non twondudes. With our 2017 collection out, many are asking “how do I style my pieces?” well; here are a few tips to guard you on how to rock pieces from our RETROVIBE Collection.

Shorts are making quite the comeback, as much most men feel uncomfortable to wear them. Yes I agree, not all men can pull off shorts without looking like the 50s post master but if you can get it right, it’s the perfect causal holiday look. The first thing to consider when you want to wear short is the length; the ideal length is slightly above your knees before you look at the fit. Let your short not be too tight, if it’s too tight it will draw to you the wrong attention. The 3rd thing to consider is what to pair your short with, if it’s a print short; go with a classic-fitted neutral colour shirt or T-shirt. Then footwear, to complete your look, choose your footwear carefully, you may want to considered sport shoes or sandals, even though many think sport shoes are best suited to be worn with shorts as it gives you a thorough and gentle sportsman appearance, I think, the today’s man is a fashion rule breaker and a dramatic sandal is even more perfect as worn by our personality Model, Baba T. Try our Print cargo pocket short, it will look great for a Christmas beach or poolside party look, you can even rock it to that evening sit out with the boys.

It’s said that “all men look so much better in basic white”, why that may be true, it’s the holiday season so why not rest the official look and have some fun with your style given that Christmas is almost upon us, step away from “colored basic”. As much as basic looks great with anything, try a bit of that bad-boy-trying-to-pass-off-as-gentleman and our print front and plain black combination will help you achieve that.



Print is so tropical, it’s so what is needed for the holiday, women love it, so have men. However it’s not that easy to style print, one important rule to consider: never pair your print piece with another busy piece, it’ll look ridiculous but you don’t also have to tame your inner “fashionisto”, so rock our print over size pocket pant. It can be worn with a white or black top. For a smarter look, you can make a statement with your footwear as Baba T with this white sandal.

Now, I hope with these few tips you wouldn’t have to crack your brain thinking just how to style any of our items. Bye for now and never forget “a gentleman always dresses for the occasion”

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