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Today 3rd of August we kick start our in-house project themed PROJECT WEAR NIGERIA. As an indigenous brand, we have firsthand experience of the challenges small production businesses such as ours are faced with, from power, transportation and even consumer preference for foreign goods rather than made-in-Nigeria, it’s for the above reasons and more we created “Project Wear Nigeria” an initiative to continue the push to get Nigerians to believe in Nigeria fashion brands and other products as well. The Twon-by-Jane Project Wear Nigeria initiative, Is simply to get celebrities, public officials and corporate organizations to lend their voices towards the call for patronizing Nigeria brands. We believe such small act will go a long way to help grow and sustain local brands like ours. Thanks Kemen Ekerete, our celebrity-guest model. it was so easy to get you on board and working with you was even easier. Looking forward to working with you again.

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