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You can live forever green, Just live through life.

If only we can remain young and live forever, the bitter-sweet truth is, no matter how much we like our lives from our body frame to our facials, Career-Jobs, Business, Weight, Height e.t.c, the biblical admonition states, “To everything there is a season” and the first universal law of motion is interpreted like this; “Nothing stays the same forever”. This non-negotiable fact propels us through our lifetime and the thought of aging sure strikes a rough bargain especially for women. While Aging is supposed to make us wiser and calmer, it seems to pose a threat for us humans walking up the hilltop of age transformation. Throughout the twenties, Women are said to be exceptionally happy. In their thirties, they are intellectually at their peak, and it is at this age we get to know that direction our life is going. By the time we reach forties, the mournful realization that we are getting old really dawns on us and it’s at that age we really begin to start struggling to come to terms with our age.
Aging can be difficult for some to accept, your organs are not really functioning at the rate they used to, your bones/joints are beginning to ache, your body can no longer go through the rigors and everyday pressures as it used to. Sadly, what we don’t know or appreciate is that aging gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and an opportunity to experiences life and also the chance to redeem/renew/revitalize ourselves. Citing myself as a case study, I started modeling and beauty pageantry at the young age of 17, after contesting in about 10 Beauty competitions, then in 2002, I didn’t make it into the Miss Common Wealth Beauty Contest, my age was the factor. In the world of pageantry at age 24, you are considered “OLD” amidst girls of 18. Sadly, I had to admit that “I was getting old and needed to plan for a life outside the world of Pageantry and modeling.
The questions most women have had to ask is; “How do I age and still love myself?”

#1: Admit to yourself that you must age and you are aging. Your focus should be who you are and who you are becoming. The idea of Ageing and then giving up on an active life filled with passions, ambitions, opportunities and not feeling right in getting through the requirements of Life is a major problem. Lots of women just absent themselves long before nature does. Ageing is not a death sentence, its simply a healthy transition in the cycle of life.

#2: You must not see ageing as a Struggle, employ the spirit of “Win like a champion and Lose like a champion still”, any which way, Heads or Tails “You are at the winning side over ageing”. With such thought, you will smile like you used to when you were 18, Hang out with friends and Talk gracefully like you used to when you were 20, Exude confidence in yourself by wearing clothes that looks and feels right and compliments your beauty like when you were in your 30’s.

#3: Living through the different stage of aging can be challenging, but the thought of Death/Dying is even more challenging. The way to live life and live it to its fullest is to not let ageing be an obstacle but a valuable gift.

#4: Look for something exciting that will stimulate your senses, something adventurous, ‘Never before tried’. If you have time and money, go to the gym, travel to places you have read about and explore a world different from what you are used to. Make a “Bucket List” or a “To-Do list” journal of things you would want to do as you make your age transition.
On a final Note: “When I wasn’t allowed to contest the Miss Common Wealth Beauty Pageant because I was almost 25, I was hurt, I hated the fact that I was not 17 or 21 but I quickly got over it and faced the reality and started living life outside the stage”. The thought of Ageing should make you reach out and clearly prioritize the Essence of “Your Being”. Catch yourself saying out loud and graciously, “Thank You Lord for Life” because you still got it. Though it may sometimes get to us but who says we can’t do the things that we used to and even better than we used to with a renewed vigor. Please feel free to re-live your younger days, reminisce about the things you did in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s, Laugh at your vulnerabilities when you were younger because now you know better. No experience should be be-littled. Don’t ever hamper on regrets, never underestimate the lessons learnt from mistakes. Be glad for those experiences, only then can you forge ahead in anticipation to what age-transition and transformation has for you.
Whether male or female, do not grieve over ageing, rather find joy in the opportunity to live life, welcome each New Year and celebrate it, age can indeed be “nothing but just numbers”.

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